Purposeful Diction

In the second part of Neuromancer, we get a sense that something has been sketched with Molly gathering up a gang to do something and the passage about terrorists and media by the sociologist. Part III, Midnight In The Rue Julies Verne, further develops the plot with introduction of more characters especially wintermute, who seems very significant to the plot. Gibson uses a very interesting strong diction with words that have many religious, social connotations and also lots of technological terminology. In part III, there is reference to Rastafarians, which refers to Rastafarianism, a movement that originated in the 1930s in Jamaica, which involves the hairstyle called “dreadlocks,” the hope for blacks to return to Ethiopia by Marcus Garvey. And in part II, the word mandala has religious connotation. A mandala is a complex Buddhist symbol, often in circular form. The description of spiral arms alludes the arms of distant galaxies, unreachable by any current technology. Other words such as “rue” is a french word for street or lane and “Vingtième Siècle” are French words for Twentieth Century. These words also contribute to creating a powerful imagery.

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Money $$$$$$$$$$

The first half of Ubik was very interesting especially how the chapters began with the Ubik advertisements (the epigraphs). It was very confusing in the beginning as all advertised products were called Ubik: coffee, beer, razor, and etc. Towards the end of the story, we find out what exactly ubik is through the girl named Myra Laney, who describes what ubik does to Joe Chip. She says “ is a portable negative ionizer…” (212). The science behind the product was interesting too. In order for half-livers to increase their lives in the pseudo-world, they need an increment “in the net put-forth field of protophasonic activity.”
Everything in Ubik was related to business (corporates) and money. As we read in the beginning, Joe and all others had to pay for everything in their world. 5 cents for using a door, ten cents for using refrigerator and so on. Thus, if one has no money in such a world, then he will have no life either since everything comes at an expense. This suggests the “devalued” life because of the increased value and necessity of money in the day to day life.

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Act 4 & Celebrations

In the fourth act of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the “love potion” affects are undone and the four lovers are united (Demetrius with Helena and Lysander with Hermia). These two more marriages adds more weight to the celebrations. As Oberon anticipates, “there shall the pairs of faithful lovers be Wedded, with Theseus, all in jollity.” The mood of festivity and celebrations is increased with the repetition of words like dance and music.
This act connects a lot with the contextual readings from chapter “Popular Festivals and Court Celebrations” as the ceremony of marriage of three couples takes place. In addition, the allusion to “rite of May” (67) and temple (69) are further explained in the contextual reading of their background and significance.

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The New Twist

The second act introduces fairies and their servants that play a significant role in changing the love story of Lysander and Hermia. Robin Goodfellow, aka Puck, Oberon’s obedient servant, assumes Lysander to be the “Athenian Youth” Oberon was referring to and applies the love potion to his eyelids. Oberon was actually referring to Demetrius. Puck, unknowingly, creates a confusion in the love track between Lysander and Hermia. When Lysander wakes up, he first sees Helena and falls in love with her due to the love potion. Lysander now is in love with Helena, who is in love with Demetrius and Demetrius is in love with Hermia, who loves Lysander.

At end of Act II, Hermia wakes up to find Lysander gone. She is determined: “I will perceive you are not nigh. Either death, or you, I’ll find immediately.” Her determination and boldness foreshadow a fight between Helena and Hermia.

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